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Joon Pyo & Jan Di


Posted on 2009.04.14 at 13:24
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New layout, new layout!
x3shiro x3shiro x3shiro 

I swear I will update more often.

Well, an update on what I've been doing:
I had an assignment/assessment for every subject save maths last term. And you know what sucks? I still have science & PE to do. I have to make a Logbook & Procedural Report on some experiment that we can choose. And for PE, I have to do a 750 word newspaper article about raising awareness for mental illnesses. Oh well, It's holidays!

We recently had an absolute value test for tutor. I got 96% /is happy. We were soo worried about it since it was a year 11 topic and we were still in year 10 but it turned out ok. We're doing Linear Functions now.

There is a limit on the places I can go to :( it's either city, parra or livo. Anybody got any otehr suggestions? Easter Show is also an option but it's a rip and we're in an economic crisis. I really want to start looking for a job but just eurgh. I have to study study.

And I'll get back to my studying or procrastinating

So ttfn,

New profile layout :Dv


Exam exam

Posted on 2009.01.18 at 20:06
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Year 10 now :( 
School Certificate.
Stupid tutor is giving everybody a test to see if they can make it in 3 unit maths D:
If we cant make it, we get kicked and are 'recommended not to take part in the 3 unit mathematics course.'
Last year 20 people were kicked.
Because our stupid tutor only teaches 3 & 4 units.
We are advised to start studying NOW.

I hate year 10 :(

Joon Pyo & Jan Di


Posted on 2008.11.10 at 02:48
Um. Yeah. I haven't posted for a couple of weeks because my computer has been dead and my yearlies were killing me ):

Sorry ):